Web Strategy

A good and well thought out web strategy is key for all casino and poker webmasters and website owners. The web strategy is similar to the familiar marketing mix consisting of the 4 P's Product, Price, Promotion and place!

Communication strategy to translate web strategy

A website is only part of the communication activities of your business. So we call now for your communication strategy web strategy.

What is your goal?

What do you want to achieve with the website? Would you inform visitors about your projects? The contact between customers and increase organization? Generate leads or sell your products and services online?


Key is to determine who your audience is and if your website or product in this group have been optimized

Every visitor is unique

Each user has different needs One visitor wants general information about your company, the other wants to know more about your products. Different information needs require different levels of information. Casino SEO therefore looks closely at the structure of your website and to ensure that every visitor can find what they seek



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