SEO Tips for 2013: What should I NOT do?


In recent years, SEO tactics so abused that nowadays even experiencing adverse effects in the search engine after applying some SEO tricks. Poor, also called blackhat SEO get actively searched by the search engines and increase the chance of lower ranking of your website or provide a complete ban on certain search engines.

Here are 10 SEO tricks that-as you-they are still used more as soon as possible to discharge.

1)Keyword Stuffing

In the 90's it was realized that if you volgooide site with keywords, the search engines you could joke and thus get superior rankings. The next problem arose quickly: one belaadde the lyrics so full of keyword phrases and phrases that the text nowhere to hit and was hard to read. Today getting so much keyword laden content marked as spam and the bottom right SEO lumped. The modern SEO friendly manner is an effective, fresh, user-friendly pages with original content focused on the one where the page is about.

2)Meta Tag Overkill

What most goes unnoticed is that meta keywords your site totally help you to rank higher in the search engines, meta descriptions also not. However, choosing a catchy meta description be sure that your website itself from the others in the search engine and thus possibly more visitors. SEO is technically adding meta descriptions is not needed, even more so in the past, meta descriptions and meta tags so abused that the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) in a press conference made clear no longer a fan of meta tags and no longer to weigh the ranking of a website.

3)Submitten to Search Engines

It is not necessary to your site by hand to log on to the various search engines. Search engines are now so advanced that they find your website myself - especially if you simple tricks like link building applies. Add an HTML and XML sitemap to your website and submit the XML sitemap to Bing and Google Webmaster Tools. The moment you get back links from other websites indexed the pages to which you link the same indexed. It is also wise links to popular social media sources to your site to obtain because the search engines crawl these social media sources daily.

4)Footer Links

Footer links with link building or link exchange purpose are not just spammy but they are ignored by the search engines. Footer links have a low click-through rating and to the strength of other links on the page earlier influence. If you still need to use the left footer, use them for contanct links or outbound links to respected sources; let your stronger links above the footer.

5)Failure to use analytical data - measuring is knowing!

Many webmasters think that tracking page views or conversion numbers is not important and that if their content is in order, everything will somehow work out. This is a fatal error in the success or failure of your website. Always check what works and what does not work on your website, make sure you know what helps, what is worse, what your conversion rate is only here and the business plan to your website!

6)Excess value on H1 Tags

The use of important keywords in your title, you can boost ranking in the search engines. However, it is proven that the search engines do not care whether your title in H1, H3 and H6 state, it makes no difference to the search engines.

7)PageRank trying to influence

Old school webmasters still believe that the use of "nofollow" links on their website can ensure that they pass pagerank. However, this is no longer the case, Google has the "nofollow" link devised to comment spam. In 2009, Google has changed its algorithm so that if one now "nofollow" links are used on an outbound link, his / her PageRank disappears.

8)Strive for a higher PageRank

According to Google's PageRank is one of the 200 + factors that they weigh during the tendrils of a website. Google update the information in its Google Toolbar only twice a year, while PageRank changed every second. So what you see in the Google toolbar may not be accurate, yet simpler: not attach too much importance to your PageRank to determine which position your website in Google.

9)Comment Spamming Blogs and Forums

Nothing is more annoying for a blog or forum community than a person who repeatedly short, irrelevant comments simply to place its URL multiple times to lose. Watch what others are talking about and post meaningful comments that value to the conversation. People will appreciate this and will be more inclined to your link.

10)The only use of Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are often the pyramid game called link building. Some are paid and some are free but they all generate little or no value to your site. Concentrate on building organic links by offering good content and carefully choosing link partners, link partners with already established sites / blogs with relevant content.

1 Mar 2013


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