In casino seo work directly with our clients in developing effective advertising and design. The results of PPC campaign ads are immediate.

Methodology of work :

Previous analysis
Market research and business to promote their products, services and your target audience.

Strategy and creation
It develops a strategy depending on the objective of the campaign, advice on ways in which the campaign would be more effective.

Landing pages
A landing page is the page where the user will click once in their advertising, is specially created to attract customers. Allows the user to find the desired information and contact the company in the fewest possible steps, so their advertising is more effective.

Monitoring and analysis
It constantly monitors and analyzes the campaign. If appropriate, actions are performed optimization.

Are made monthly reports with statistics and targets achieved, new goals arise.

Where advertising media.

Google Adwords:

When users perform a Google search by entering one of your keywords, your ad may appear in the top positions or right of search results. Thus, advertising may appear to an audience already interested in your product or service. Also, their ads will appear on websites that have contracted the service of Adsense and are related to your topic.

Facebook Ads:

the advantage of Facebook Ads located somewhere in the segmentation and the use of image for the ads. You can create an ad and direct it to a target audience by gender, age, country, city and interests. The Facebook ads can be used to promote facebook pages, events, applications or websites.

Facebook Pages:

Create a custom Facebook page to encourage visitors to join your community will increase the display of your brand on the Internet and can also serve as a landing page for ad campaigns. This way your community grows and soon their communications reach a greater number of users.

Linkedin Advertising :

Linkedin is a social network and a job board focused especially in business and labor. Get new customers or business partners for your business. You can start with just 10 USD a day, as in facebook ads can be targeted.

Mercadoclics :

Free market system is the most popular online sales in America. Mercadoclic, its advertising platform, allows you to create ads to attract customers to your site. When a user performs a search on free market related to the status of your products, your ads will appear to the right of search results.

Microsoft advertising :

Their system is similar to Google Adwords ads appearing in search results on Bing and Yahoo when a user performs a search with your key word. Becomes more important in English speaking countries.
Cost per thousand (CPM)

Cost per thousand is the way to advertise where you pay a certain price by the amount of views that has your ad. It is the method of choice for leading news portals. The cost depends on each provider and the area where is located the notice. In Inforseo incorporate creativity and design to the campaigns of our clients looking to achieve greater business impact.



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